ConductorB2BTM is a cloud-based branded portal that facilitates rapid order entry for your dealers and sales reps. The orders automatically flow directly into your accounting/order management system, so all you do is ship!


Order Entry

  • Designed to scale to any size screen
  • Supports pricing to the size level
  • Pricing tiers, discounts, and sales programs are supported
  • Search by product ID, style/color name and description, or UPC/GTIN
  • Customer credit check completed automatically during order creation, showing balance and credit check pass/fail
  • Advanced ATS support with future availability, order split by ship window
  • Orders entered online can be imported on a scheduled basis directly into your ERP system using provided connector or web service interface
  • Microsoft Office Excel order form import with email auto-attendant
  • Email suggested orders to customers

Customer Status

  • View credit status, recent orders, shipments and invoices online
  • Customer credit and status information is retrieved in real-time from your ERP system, not hours or a day later
  • See shipments as soon as they are posted, including tracking numbers

Available to Ship

  • Define your own ATS rules based on your lead times and suppliers
  • ATS can be updated daily, hourly or any schedule you desire
  • ATS report includes product images

Low Maintenance

  • Customers, product, pricing and catalogs can be imported directly from your ERP system
  • Orders entered outside B2B (such as via EDI or hand-keyed) are visible on this site

Image Management

  • Images can be mapped via upload from external CMS system, or managed within B2B’s Content manager tool
  • Images can be discovered automatically from image repository using multiple naming conventions
  • Images at the style and the color level are supported

Open Architecture

  • Ready to be branded with images, custom style sheets, Twitter feeds and video
  • Cloud-based portal designed to work with all major web browsers
  • Allow all users (such as customer service, inside sales, outside reps, and dealers) access to the site without incurring additional charges
  • Easily extended to incorporate suppliers, freight forwarders and other businesses you work with


  • ConductorCommerce is global, supporting multiple languages and currencies
  • Integrated merchant credit card processing
  • Email notification engine for both internal and external facing notifications
  • Create customized surveys, dealer applications, and more with the survey tool